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Tired, Burnt Out or Plain Old Unhappy? 6 Signs That It’s Time to Change Careers

No working human is exempt from feeling tired, burnt out, or just plain old unhappy in their careers. The connection we have with our career rises and falls, ebbs and flows—sometimes we’re perfectly content and feel like, professionally, we’re exactly where we belong, and other times we’re miserable and cranky, complaining about colleagues, company policies, and how we’re underpaid and under-appreciated.

Most of this is normal. But sometimes, the negative feelings far outweigh the positives. At that point, we have to ask ourselves…is it time for a career change?

Here are 6 surefire signs that it’s time to change up your career:

  1. You complain about work. All. The. Time. We all complain our jobs from time to time, but if you’re in a constant state of unhappiness and just really don’t want to do your job anymore—regardless of which company you’re doing that job at—then it could be time for a change.
  2. Work is your first (and second, and third) cause of stress. Even the best of us feel stressed out here and again, but if stress is driving you crazy—and you can’t trace it back to any cause other than your career—then that’s a problem a career change could solve.
  3. Work just isn’t fun anymore. If you’re so bored with your job that you procrastinate and find yourself being utterly unproductive, it’s a sign that a new career may be your best bet.
  4. You’re going nowhere, and you’re not even going there fast. When your career has come to a standstill—when you’re not learning new skills, there is no room for growth, and you’ve reached all of your goals—it’s probably a good time to change the trajectory of your professional life and start thinking about a new career altogether.
  5. You absolutely DREAD going to work on Monday. And Tuesday. And… If the thought of going into work causes you to cringe, it’s probably time to rethink your career.
  6. You obsess about quitting or retiring. If that daydream of quitting your job and storming out of the office continued to play over and over again in your mind, or if you are wishing away the next 10, 20, 30 years of your life yearning for the day you can finally retire, then maybe you’re not in the right career and should start thinking about making a change.

Changing careers isn’t easy—but it’s not impossible. If you’re willing to engage in training, develop a new set of professional skills, work hard to build a new network, and start in an entry- or lower-level position than what you’re currently in, then the sky is the limit and professional fulfillment awaits. Channel your inner courage and get ready to take that leap of faith…

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Victoria Craze

Victoria Craze is the co-founder of Wellbeing Coaches. She holds a coaching certification from Wellcoaches School and has coached more than 500 individuals on their journeys to achieving optimal wellbeing. Victoria began her career in the business field and spent three decades working in marketing before becoming trained and certified as a health, wellness, and life coach nearly a decade ago. Prior to founding Wellbeing Coaches, she worked with HMC HealthWorks where she developed new wellness coaching procedures and policies, created new training manuals, and managed a team of coaches. Today, she leads Wellbeing Coaches and continues to coach clients from around the world.

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