Wellbeing Coaches offers one-one-one coaching services to individuals directly and through workplace wellness programs and wellness programs for associations, universities, non-profits, and more.

The Wellbeing Coaches mission is very specific—to enable people to be their best selves by guiding them through the development and implementation of a personalized wellbeing program with the help of a professional, certified coach.

Wellbeing Coaches was founded by certified coach Victoria Craze out of her passion for coaching and her desire to give people the ability to connect with highly-qualified, professional coaching.

Frustrated with all of the quick-fix, 10-minute check-in coaching programs and computer/analytical/analogue coaching programs, Victoria decided to build Wellbeing Coaches where certified coaches offer one-on-one coaching experiences to clients. These highly-credentialed coaches work in partnership with clients to dive deep and develop the tools to achieve happiness throughout their lives.

As the concept of Wellbeing Coaches began to take shape, Victoria reached out to Dr. Janis DiMonaco, Founder, President and CEO of HMC HealthWorks, a company that specializes in wellness, mental health, and chronic disease management and has worked to reduce the healthcare spend for organizations by improving the health and quality of life of employees for nearly 40 years.

A partnership between Wellbeing Coaches and HMC HealthWorks was the clear next step, and Janis joined Victoria as a Wellbeing Coaches Founder. Bringing together certified coaches with HMC HealthWorks’ employer clients provides more avenues to deliver quality coaching to people who need it.

Since its launch, Wellbeing Coaches has entered into a partnership with Rooted Planning Group to provide financial wellness coaching services. Additional partnerships are in the works, and Wellbeing Coaches is positioned for rapid growth.

Wellbeing Coaches works with individuals directly and through participant employee wellness programs and wellness programs for members of organizations. In March 2018, The Florida Bar became a Wellbeing Coaches participant making Wellbeing Coaches’ coaching services available to its more than 106,000 members as an approved member benefit.

In today’s society of stress, overwhelm, and fatigue, there is no shortage of people who could benefit from experiencing life-changing transformations supported by quality coaching. Wellbeing Coaches is finding innovative ways to bring the best coaching services to them at prices they can afford.