Affirmations For Future Success

Affirmation is a “think as-if” technique that briefly describes a positive outcome you want to achieve. Usually affirmations define a future desired result that is constructively stated. Examples of an affirmations are “I am healthy” versus “I want to be healthy” or “I am calm” versus “I need to calm down”.

Christopher Cascio and his research team discovered that framing affirmations as a positive future outcome was an important component for success. They also determined that affirmations increased brain areas that were linked to positive self-worth and good decision making. Many people know about affirmations and they will randomly attempt creating them, but usually fall short of sustaining a continuous practice. Even if you use affirmations for a specific event, it would be worth a try to talk to your future self as if you have already achieved your visions.

An article on the website outlines how to incorporate affirmations in your life.

A summary of suggestions includes:

• Set aside time daily to reflect on affirmations
• Make a simple list of goals you want to achieve and create affirmations around these objectives
• Make statements brief and to the point
• Counter respond to any negative thought with the positive opposite
• Make sure your affirmation is positive and stated in a way that you have already achieved it
• Vividly envision the details of a successful outcome

You have nothing to lose by using affirmations. Give it a try and see how your life changes.


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Question: What affirmations can you create that will transform your life?

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