Wellbeing Coaches Assist with Your Career Change

Pertinent advice and supportive motivation to accomplish your goals

In today’s economy few if any employees will work forty years for the same company. The pension and gold watch has gone the way of the dinosaur. But not only is it common for workers to change positions within an industry, it’s becoming more usual for professionals to change their careers tracks entirely. Some transitions, for example, from medicine to law, require extensive re-education. Others, such as stepping out of executive management and into consulting, promise additional freedom, but entail financial risks. But in all cases, moving from an unsatisfying career to a potentially more fulfilling pursuit is a tall order. Underestimating consequences and failing to build in contingencies can result in severe hardship for you and your family. However, with a Wellbeing Coach helping you manage your career change, you can anticipate obstacles and plan accordingly, so your transition is smooth and your rewards are optimal.

Emphasizing discernment before your transition

So, you’ve decided you’re unhappy, not just in your job but in your chosen career. Suddenly the road not taken is looking much more attractive than the road you chose. But is this just a case of the grass being greener on the other side? Or would that other career really be a better fit for your talent, temperament and lifestyle?

A Wellbeing Coach can help you with your process of discernment by guiding you through the steps necessary to make a fully informed decision. These include:

  • Thoughtfully examining where you are – It’s important to pinpoint the reasons for your discontent. It’s very easy for someone who could be happy in a given career to be unhappy in a particular position. Perhaps you are not getting the proper mentoring you deserve, or your management is dysfunctional. A coach can help you discern whether the problem is your profession or the culture in which you’re pursuing your profession.
  • Projecting what your life may be in the future – Perhaps you’re in a profession with a brutal learning curve, where you have to “pay your dues” before you reap the rewards. A coach can help you perform an in-depth cost-benefit analysis to determine whether you should “stay the course,” or make changes.
  • Imagining the alternative – What if you have either chosen the wrong career path or gotten as much out of a particular career as you can? Where would a person with your talents and aptitude be happier and more successful? A coach can help you explore your alternative using various proven methods.
  • “Walking a mile” in your alternate career – It’s very helpful to get a glimpse of the career demands another profession entails. A coach can help you seek out volunteer opportunities that would put you of the front lines of your future career to see if it really would be a better fit.

Because the costs and consequences of changing your career are substantial, the discernment process is vitally important. A Wellbeing Career Coach can help you gain the clarity you need to make the right choice.

Forming and implementing a transition plan

Once you’ve determined that you must make a change, you have to manage the logistics of that change. Questions to consider include:

  • Educational requirements – How much schooling or training will you need to transition to your new career? Is night school an option? What are the pros and cons of your different educational options, such as cost, length of time, quality of instruction, prestige of the institution, and the alumni network?
  • Income requirements – How much money must you earn to maintain yourself and your family while you are making your transition? Is your spouse able to contribute to the household income?
  • Family needs – Can your spouse deal effectively with the strain that returning to school would put on your relationship? Can you meet the emotional needs of your children while working and going to school?
  • Employment possibilities – Can you continue with your current employment while pursuing your education? If your current job is too demanding to squeeze in your studies, can you get another job that would allow you to earn an income and go to school?
  • Available resources – Can you get financial aid for your schooling? Can you borrow against your 401(k) or home equity? Is your spouse able to contribute financially to your education?

Consulting with a Wellbeing Career Coach on all of these issues will give you a clear idea of the challenges that await you. Having planned in detail to meet these challenges, you will have greater peace of mind. Plus, your coach will be able to assist with any surprises that pop up along the way, so you will be able to stay the course with confidence.

Consult a certified Wellbeing Coach for your career transition

Changing careers is a big step involving many challenges. But, when you partner with a Wellbeing Coach, you can have the confidence that you are on the right track to a brighter future. Contact a coach today.