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Meditation for Anxiety: How it Works & How to Start…Even if You Really Don’t Think You Can Do It

meditation for anxiety

More than one in ten people living in the U.S. suffers from chronic anxiety, and even those who don’t struggle with daily anxiety will still face severely anxious moments in their lives. Humans, after all, are programmed to worry. Being on constant alert is what kept our ancestors safe from…

Anger Management Self-Care Tips to Live a Happier and Healthier Life

anger management meditation

We all get angry. It’s a natural human reaction that you have when you experience displeasure, but when you have too much anger or you’re holding an excessive amount of pent up anger, mental and physical problems will occur. In fact, chronic anger can lead to a variety of issues,…

5 Stress and Happiness Lessons Learned at The Florida Bar Annual Conference


Last week, the Wellbeing Coaches team attended The Florida Bar Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida where we sponsored a fantastic seminar called Mental Health & Wellness of Florida Lawyers. The seminar featured seven different speakers who shared personal stories, research findings, and expert insights about the health of attorneys. Lawyers…