Children Are Passionate Teachers

Children live life in the present moment with passion, emotion, and a sense of awe. They are not bogged down with an inner critical voice. They are naturally guided by an internal knowing that they are uniquely delightful. They are alive with passion. If we let children be our teachers, we could learn a lot. How to engage others with our natural charm, frequent smiling, positive anticipation, and soothing stressful situations by diverting attention. Children have an intuitive wisdom about life’s abundant opportunities and innocently pursue possibilities with gusto and eagerness. They are not bound by over responsibility or limited by reality. Children mystically touch something within us that is an invitation to remember our true passionate essence.

As we become adults we bury our passion and ritualistically pursue every day mundane routines. We forget our goodness and zeal. We are lost in the mechanics of our daily “should’s” and infrequently ask ourselves what we truly want in our lives—what are we passionate about? We operate from “have to” versus “why not”. We don’t have to be reckless or rebellious, but we could be more attuned to our true desires. There is always a balance between discipline and irresponsibility.  How negligent is it to constantly command ourselves to deliver above and beyond what are realistic expectations? We end up worried and stressed. Slow down for a moment and learn from the best natural teachers—children. Passion—what does it mean to you? Who do you know that lives a passionate life? What childhood passions linger within? Where is your inner passionate child today?


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Reflection: Spend the week asking yourself and others about passion, then write down your passions and create a plan to pursue what motivates you.

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Diane Foster

Diane’s life mission is “to be of service”. For the past 20 years, she has coached executives and individuals on how to change their lives. Her coaching has encompassed guiding executives on leadership competencies as well as working with individuals to manifest their greatest potential.

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