Wellbeing Coaches Help You Manage Your Divorce

Personalized guidance and emotional support to pass every hurdle

Divorce is a complex process where legal, financial, and emotional issues are tightly intertwined. To get through the process without inordinate anxiety, frustrating delays and ever-escalating expenses, you have to unravel those issues, put your emotions aside, and set realistic goals. You hire an attorney to manage the legal aspects of your divorce, but leaning too heavily on your attorney can run up your bills and elevate your stress level. A better strategy is to engage a divorce coach from Wellbeing Coaches. Our certified coaches help you overcome emotional obstacles, prep for your legal consults, and remain focused on your goals for a more positive future.

Never send a lawyer to do a coach’s job

Hiring a good divorce attorney is essential, if you’re going to settle your divorce on favorable terms. But it’s a huge mistake to burden your attorney with issues related to your divorce that are not strictly legal. First, there’s the fact that your attorney bills by the hour. Good ones get anywhere from $250 to $700 an hour or more. Any time you get your attorney on the phone for even a simply question, the meter is running. You should think about calling your lawyer as you would about dialing 911: save it for a real emergency. For all routine matters, you can rely on a Wellbeing Coach.

Effective coaching during pre-legal preparation saves time, stress and expense

A Wellbeing divorce coach can help you greatly before the divorce process with a number of important tasks, including:

  • Understanding the divorce process – Our coaches are knowledgeable about the legal process and can tell you what to expect given your specific circumstances, such as the number and ages of your children, your financial situation, and the degree to which you and your spouse can communicate openly and cooperate.
  • Shopping for a divorce lawyer – Many divorce attorneys offer free consultations, so you can shop around to find the right fit. It’s important that your attorney be experienced and competent, but personal style is also an important factor. The way your attorney communicates must inspire confidence. A coach won’t refer you to a specific attorney, but can direct you to reliable resources, and prep you on questions to ask the lawyer at your first consultation.
  • Preparing for your first consultation – Before you see an attorney, even for a preliminary consultation, you want to be fully prepared. A coach can tell you what questions to ask and what documentation to bring.

Initiating a divorce or responding to your spouse’s petition can seem overwhelming at first. But when you work with a Wellbeing divorce coach, you don’t have to feel alone.

Having a coach in your corner gets you through the divorce process

Often, during a divorce, you need to process your emotions. Anger, frustration, and apprehension can wear you down, draining your strength until you think you can’t go on. Taking up your lawyer’s time to vent, when you’re being billed by the hour, is not a good use of your financial resources. Especially when there isn’t a specific legal step your lawyer can take to address your immediate concerns. Moreover, your attorney isn’t trained or motivated to help you in this way. But, a Wellbeing coach is available to lend an ear and provide supportive counsel whenever you need. Having a coach in your corner eases your emotional burden so you can bear up under the strain. A coach makes sure you don’t get sidetracked by your frustrations. As a result, your communications with your attorney are pointed, direct and economical.

Choose a certified Wellbeing Coach today to guide you through your divorce

If you’re concerned about the financial and emotional toll of your divorce, add a Wellbeing Coach to your team. Throughout the process, you’ll have supportive assistance geared towards you personally, without the high hourly cost of an attorney. Contact a coach today.