Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) coaches work with clients to help them plan for their futures, change habits, create household budgets, plan to pay off debts, and more. With your coach’s support, you’ll strategize ways to create a better financial future, reduce stress, and improve the overall quality of your life.

A financial coach works with you to provide unbiased financial advice so you can reach your financial goals. He or she doesn’t sell you products. Instead, you’ll work together to clarify your goals and find a path to use the resources you have more effectively so you can get what you really want from your money. Together, you’ll solve your financial problems so you can be free to achieve both your financial safety and your financial goals.

A financial coach can help you navigate many aspects of your financial health, including:

  • Financial paperwork management
    • If you don’t know what you have or where to find it, that could be a problem.
    • It can also affect your credit score – if you miss a payment!
  • Budgeting
    • We want to design a plan that works for you – automation is the key to many budgets.
  • Debt Management
    • Are you looking to get a handle on your:
      • Student loan’s
      • Credit Card Debt
      • Debt in general
    • We will walk you through some strategies to reduce your debt.
  • Family money issues
    • Combining or separating finances
    • Are you newly married or divorcing? We can share ideas with you on how to either combine or separate finances
    • Special needs child fundingHaving a special needs family member creates some unique challenges. It’s important to talk about those issues often. See Estate Planning (have link)
  • Retirement planning
    • Many people don’t realize the various states of retirement planning:
      • Accumulation
      • Pre-retirement practicing
      • Retirement Go-Go Years
      • Retirement Slow-Go Years
      • Retirement Spend-down Years
  • College planning
  • Estate planning
    • Do you have your estate planning documents in order? We are not attorney’s and cannot give you legal advice, but we can provide education around this top. What is a Will, Trust, POA, HCP, HIPPA – oh my!
    • Giving and receiving inheritances
    • Who do you want to give to and what happens when you receive an inheritance?
    • Special needs child funding
  • Personal insurance and risk management
    • Preparing finances for incapacity
  • Investment analysis
  • Corporate executive planning

All financial coaches who work with Wellbeing Coaches’ clients are Certified Financial Planners (CFP®s) or Certified Public Accounts (CPAs) and have completed rigorous education and testing. They are required to adhere to the Fiduciary Standard, which means they must put their clients’ interests first—before their own interests or their employers’ interests.

If you want to become financially empowered by learning new ways to tackle important financial matters so you save time and money, then working with a financial coach can definitely help.

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Carol S. Craigie
MA, ChFC, CFP Financial Coach


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CFP®, EA, MPAS® Financial Coach


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