Gratitude Expands Generosity

It is difficult for me to separate gratitude and generosity. Personally, I believe both attributes are foundational beliefs that guide our actions. If I am grateful, then I naturally want to be generous. Generosity is interwoven into the fabric of my grateful attitude. Whether we are generous with money, time, or hospitality, we are extending a bountiful hand overflowing with gratitude. When we believe that life is abundant, then generosity and gratitude are partners that motivate us. Generosity and gratitude are transformative for both the giver and receiver. I have a friend who has terminal cancer. Recently I spent some time with her. She tearfully talked about how she believed her grandchildren still needed her and the many realizations about what is important in life when facing mortality. One thing she said that stuck with me was that she was surprised by how generous everyone had been towards her. She was most deeply touched by the magnanimousness of strangers. People she had never met were making donations and bringing her gifts. Generosity stirred her deepest gratitude.

It is important to remember that with each word or action, we are leaving behind a morsel of ourselves. Fragments of our energy linger in the hearts and minds of others. Our generosity is remembered and we are forever linked through our acts of kindness. At the core of most interactions is our desire to be connected. Why do you think dogs are so loved—they have an endless generous spirit. They lavish us with their love, are always grateful for our presence, and willingly accept us as we are—flaws and all. Generosity and thankfulness are mindsets that enlarge our relationships, increase our self-worth, and create healing bridges between people. When we see others as an extension of ourselves, we can let generosity and gratitude lead our lives. Transform the world by changing yourself through each act of kindness, generosity, and thankfulness.


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Question: Where can you expand your generosity through gratefulness?

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Diane Foster

Diane’s life mission is “to be of service”. For the past 20 years, she has coached executives and individuals on how to change their lives. Her coaching has encompassed guiding executives on leadership competencies as well as working with individuals to manifest their greatest potential.

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