Let Your Life Speak

“Let Your Life Speak” is an old Quaker saying. When reflecting on these four simple words, we are asked to acknowledge how we are living our lives. If you stopped in this moment and wrote down ten ways that “your life speaks”, what would be revealed? What would this inventory divulge that made you happy or sad? What descriptors emerge that define your life: happiness, serenity, charity, goodness, lovingness, integrity, values, disappointment, fears, or longing?

If a stranger peeked at your list, what would be discovered? Would a stranger want a better life for you or would your life be coveted? How you value your life’s gifts is expressed in each thought, action, and intention. Letting your life speak begins with reflection, wrapped with intention, followed by action. Let your caring inner voice whisper to you, “live your best life, live your best life.” Each day provides the opportunity to respectfully begin your heart’s journey.

The idea of loving your idiosyncrasies is a reminder to love your whole self. Awareness of how you are living changes your future focus. Are you living a wonderful adventure acknowledging there will be bumps, twists, turns, and regretted decisions, or are you cautiously driving down the road with your brakes on? No roadblocks, unexpected diversions, or surprises of fate need detour the purposefulness and gratification of your life.

Being stuck in the past, wishing you were different, or avoiding disappointment only keeps you from fearlessly living your magnificence. Let your life speak of your greatness, your potential, your generosity. You will laugh at your idiosyncrasies and claim them with authority when you realize they make you exceptional, singular, and unequaled. Respect the gift of you! Let your life speak and embrace your idiosyncrasies.


Coach Diane 

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Question: How does your life speak? What do you want your life to speak?

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Diane Foster

Diane’s life mission is “to be of service”. For the past 20 years, she has coached executives and individuals on how to change their lives. Her coaching has encompassed guiding executives on leadership competencies as well as working with individuals to manifest their greatest potential.

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