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Wanda Carter-Calhoun

  • Health Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Wellness Coach

A Personal Note from Wanda

Welcome! Are you ready to live your best life? Healthy and Happy starts with you! I am here to support you in making sustainable healthy lifestyle changes to improve your overall wellbeing by preventing and managing chronic diseases. My strategy is to educate, support and empower you to set simple achievable goals based on where you are right now. My approach is to provide individualized support, just for you.

Diets are short term solutions!! Healthy habits are life resolutions!! So, let’s get started!

About Wanda

Wanda is a passionate Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach, with over 20 years of experience in helping others improve their overall health and wellbeing. My own genetic make-up, personal health challenges and commitment to improving my own health without the use of an abundance of synthetic drugs further enhanced my passion to continuously improve my own healthy lifestyle habits. My own struggles not only led me to think differently but practice the most natural process of healing.

My Areas of Expertise:

  • Career Challenges
  • Diabetics Management
  • Diabetics Prevention
  • Exercise/Physical Activities
  • Family Balance
  • Healthy Heart
  • Life Balance
  • Celiac/Allergies
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss/Nutrition

My Credentials:

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