Wellbeing Coaches offers its coaching services through special employee wellness programs and wellness programs for members of organizations, including businesses, associations, universities, non-profits, and more. We work closely with each participant organization to design a benefits program that is tailored to their unique employees, members, or students that meets the specific needs of both the participant and the participant’s population.

Interested in learning what benefits you can deliver to your employees, members, or students by becoming a Wellbeing Coaches participant and how working with us to develop your participant program can help your organization?

Current Wellbeing Coaches Wellness Program Participants

The Florida Bar

The Florida Bar – With more than 106,000 members, The Florida Bar is the organization of all lawyers who are licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida to practice law in the state. Any lawyer desiring to practice law in Florida must be a member of The Florida Bar.

The Club Spa and Fitness Association

The Club Spa & Fitness Association provides support for fitness, spa, and wellness professionals in the club industry. CSFA offers educational and networking opportunities to help members advance their careers and works to establish and maintain high ethical standards for industry professionals.