Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America

Wellbeing Coaches and Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America have partnered to bring financial coaching services to Wellbeing Coaches’ health and wellness coaching clients. By expanding its team of coaches to include the team at Fiscal Fitness Clubs or America, Wellbeing Coaches ensures its clients receive support from highly-credentialed financial experts who can successfully work with them to develop the knowledge and skills that lead to financial wellness.

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2014 Stress in America Study, nearly three out of four people (72%) say that money is the leading source of their stress. Clearly, financial wellness is a critical component of overall health and wellness. With the Wellbeing Coaches and Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America partnership, individuals will have complete access to the coaching options they need to reach their personal health and wellness goals.

About Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America

Using a combination of financial planning practices and proven behavioral change principles, Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America helps people control their financial habits, so they get what they want from their money.

Through financial clubs, individual coaching, individual financial planning, corporate executive and transition planning, Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America empowers people to change their financial behaviors and gain the life-long skills needed to manage their personal finances.

In addition to holding a variety of advanced degrees, every coach at Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America who works with clients holds the highly-recognized credential, Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

Unlike other firms that focus on creating financial programs based on specific age groups, level of wealth, or another demographic, Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America focuses on people who want to take control of their money and are willing to put the time and energy into learning and doing what it takes to develop financial management skills that last a lifetime.

Guided by the philosophy that changing financial habits doesn’t have to be painful, overwhelming, or boring, Fiscal Fitness Clubs of America works hard to make its clients’ experiences easy, affordable, and fun.

Financial issues create more stress than the other top three categories (divorce, moving, or death). One of the ways to decrease stress and increase joy is to find the financial path that works for you. Because of the complexity of information, jargon and specialized knowledge, you need a coach who can guide you through this journey. We are here to help with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFPs®) who are committed and bound to put your interest first.

Choose Your Financial Coach

Here are all the ways we can help you on your financial wellness journey:

  • Debt Restructuring CoachingThe Coach helps cut years off individuals’ debt free date by using proven strategies and by improving their credit score to qualify for lower cost debt.
  • Divorce & Finances CoachingThe Coach understands the impact of a divorce and helps the individual craft a lifestyle to meet their new financial reality.
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning CoachingThe Coach crafts a financial plan which includes current living and future goals and help individuals implement it.
  • Financial Paperwork Management CoachingThe Coach provides individuals with a system to maintain their records as well as to help them organize what documents are critical and where to store them.
  • Estate Planning Decisions CoachingThe Coach helps prepare the essential documents that are needed to prepare for an attorney meeting.
  • Budgeting CoachingThe Coach leads individuals through the process to develop and start living into a realistic, sustainable budget.
  • Retirement Planning CoachingThe Coach leads individuals through the process of defining lifestyles and comparing their resources to the needs.
  • Personal Insurance & Risk Management CoachingA Coach provides an independent analysis of disability and life insurance and presents recommendations.
  • Couples & Money CoachingThe Coach and couple develop a plan and process for solving financial issues.
  • Preparing Finances for Incapacity CoachingThe Coach helps individuals who face a serious illness prepare for someone else to manage their finances.
  • Funding a Child’s Future CoachingThe Coach helps individuals navigate college funding and create a plan that meets their budget.
  • Special Needs Child Funding CoachingThe Coach helps individuals understand what state resources can be counted on and determine how much they can provide for their child(ren) during their working years, retirement years and after their death.
  • Corporate Executive PlanningA Coach helps individuals understand and take advantage of their current financial options and guides individuals in making the best decisions for their future.
  • Finding Financial Peace CoachingThe Coach defines financial values and goals and then explores how individuals can bring their expenditures in line to reduce stress and accomplish what they want from their money.
  • Independent Investment Analysis CoachingThe Coach provides an analysis and coaching that covers asset allocation, risk assessment, individual holding effectiveness and costs.
  • Transitioning into Retirement Finances CoachingThe Coach works with individuals in prioritizing many decisions that need to be made during the first few years leading up to retirement.
  • Inheritance/Windfall CoachingThe Coach and individual explore opportunities to leverage a chunk of money wisely.
  • Student Loan CoachingThe Coach helps individuals identify the best solutions for repaying student debt.

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