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About Requirements for being a Rooted Planning Group Fiscal Fitness Coach

There is no more important task than finding the right professionals to work with our clients. All our head Coaches must hold the CFP® certification. Our Assistant Coaches must be working to obtain the designation. We complete background checks, interviews with co-workers and references and then have web conference interviews to explore a candidate’s passions and skills. We believe that you need both planning skills and relationship skills to be an excellent financial coach. Our training program assists you in developing both sides of the skill ladder.

Rooted Planning Group Rooted Planning Group’s Mission:

For our customers: “Our mission is to help you control your financial habits, so that you get what you want from your money! (…and have some fun while doing it!).”

For those we work with: “Our mission is to create a financial wellness company where those who work with us are positively impacted by our interactions. We want to make a difference in the lives of our customers and our staff and collaborators.”

For the public & profession: “Our mission is to create a low cost, profitable business model that delivers quality financial planning to large numbers of people and provides both a way for those new to the profession to have a career path that develops ethical, quality financial planners and a path for experienced planners to nurture and grow new planners, along with having a sustainable income from helping people.

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Rooted Planning Group Rooted Planning Group’s Values:

These core set of values guide our company’s actions.

  • Fiduciary Duty As a fiduciary, our firm and its associates have a duty of utmost good faith to act solely in the best interests of each member and client. We do this by following the CFP® Board’s Code of Ethics, which includes following fiduciary standards.
  • Respect We value respecting all stakeholders and recognizing that their journey starts from where they are. We value being respectful and supportive, while challenging each other to be better.
  • Communication We value honest, respectful, and direct/clear communication that includes facing and not avoiding the tough issues. We expect all stakeholders to participate in this communication model and we’ll do our best to put ourselves in each other’s shoes to better understand each other’s perspectives.
  • Balancing Innovation and Research We value innovation balanced with knowledge and research. As educators first, we value carrying out our services according to research-based educational practices that support a safe learning environment and that help our clients gain the skills necessary for solving life’s financial issues.
  • Sound Financial Planning Practices As financial planners, we value sound financial planning practices and recognize the importance of staying on top of our profession.
  • Behavior Change Principles As wellness coaches, we value proven behavior change principles that support lifelong financial health. We recognize that the combination of both facts and emotions can be a positive life changing combination for our members, and that a program that does not combine both is not fully effective.
  • Professionalism We value the privilege and opportunity that we have been given by each of our stakeholders to work together and will do our best to serve at the highest level of professionalism during our day-to-day client interactions. This means honoring our word and being timely in delivery with all stakeholders.
  • Fun: We work hard at making Fiscal Fitness Clubs FUN for all stakeholders (employees, members, contractors, our families and the partners).
  • Providing Value Lastly, it is of outmost importance that our professional services bring value to our members, our clients, our stakeholders, our families, and our society. This is why we will strive to consider the impact of our decisions as an organization (in the short and long term) on these groups.

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