HMC HealthWorks

Wellbeing Coaches and HMC HealthWorks (HMC) have partnered to develop marketing programs, products, and services to Wellbeing Coaches’ clients. In addition, the HMC HealthWorks team provides strategic support and sales staff to generate client leads for Wellbeing Coaches’ team of coaches.

About HMC HealthWorks

HMC is the premier national provider of population healthcare management programs. For more than 40 years, HMC has offered value-added programs to plan sponsors that improve the overall health of engaged participants, including Integrated Clinical Solutions, Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Solutions, Wellness/Lifestyle Coaching, and Care Coordination.

HMC has improved the overall health status of more than one million participants since opening its doors in 1976. Programs are customized for plan sponsors and participants and focus on driving meaningful and measurable change using evidence-based medicine education and support tools to improve participants’ health and manage their conditions.

HMC’s partner clients leverage the power of its proprietary technology platforms to integrate and analyze data, conduct health risk assessments and biometrics, fully engage participants on an ongoing basis, and identify opportunities to improve participants’ health through prevention and clinical intervention that reduce healthcare costs.

Since HMC tailors each program to align with the specific client’s company culture, values, and population, results are typically higher than would be experienced through non-customized programs. Historically, HMC’s partners achieve an average 4-to-1 return on investment (ROI).