All coaches who work with Wellbeing Coaches are highly-credentialed and experienced. Each coach goes through an extensive vetting process where their certifications and experience are verified, interviews are conducted, references are contacted, and background checks are performed.

During the vetting process, Wellbeing Coaches confirms the applying coach has a current coaching certification that has been renewed in a timely manner and that the applicant has kept up with necessary continuing education. All coaching schools require that certified coaches renew their certifications on an ongoing basis, but the requirements to renew vary by school and the type of certification. For example, to renew most certifications, coaches are required to complete a certain number of continuing education unit (CEU) classes each year and coach clients for a minimum number of hours.

Certification Requirements

Wellbeing Coaches only accepts certified coaches from highly-reputable coaching schools or companies that have rigorous education and experience requirements for their coaches. These schools can vary based on the type of coaching services an applicant provides. Below are examples of the top coaching schools Wellbeing Coaches looks for on coaches’ applications.

Health and Wellness Coaches and Personal Trainers

Life and Executive Coaches

Financial Coaches

Career Coaches

Behavioral Health Coaches

  • Licensed clinical social workers, certified mental health professionals, and licensed PhD psychologists who maintain their respective continuing education and recertification requirements in the discipline they practice and participate in professional associations that focus on their areas of expertise. They understand the difference between coaching and therapy.