Q: What is Wellbeing Coaches?

Wellbeing Coaches promotes healthy lifestyles by offering one-on-one coaching at affordable prices directly to the public and through student and employee wellness programs and wellness programs for members of organizations. All of our coaches are highly-credentialed, independent professionals. Wellbeing Coaches provides a comprehensive set of tools, resources, and support to our coaches to help them build their coaching practices quickly and cost effectively.

Q: What are the requirements to join Wellbeing Coaches as a coach?

All coaches who work with Wellbeing Coaches must be certified in their practice areas. Certifications must be verifiable, current, and granted by a leading school. Coaches also must pass a background check and personal interview. Full requirements can be found here.

Financial coaches must be trained by and work with Rooted Planning Group. Click here to learn more about becoming a Rooted Planning Group financial coach.

Q: What do I get when I join Wellbeing Coaches as a coach?

As a coach on the Wellbeing Coaches team, you’ll have access to a HIPAA-compliant coaching office, a personal web page, online scheduling tools, payment processing, client leads, and marketing tools and resources. You’ll also receive direct support from the Wellbeing Coaches team as well as support from the growing community of Certified Wellbeing Coaches. Visit the Be a Coach page for a full list of benefits.

Financial coaches work through Rooted Planning Group. For information about what you get as a Rooted Planning Group financial coach, click here.

Q: How do I get paid?

We handle all payment processing, which means your clients pay us. You don’t have to worry about accepting payments anymore! Instead, you submit an invoice to us for your time on a biweekly basis, and within five days, you’ll receive your payment via PayPal.

Financial coaches are paid through Rooted Planning Group. Learn more here.

Q: Are your tools HIPAA-compliant and FINRA-compliant?

Yes, your virtual coaching office is secure. The Wellbeing Coaches website is HIPAA-compliant, and the Fiscal Fitness of America website (for financial coaches) is FINRA-compliant. You can communicate with your clients at any time while we handle the technology for you.

Q: Do I become a Wellbeing Coaches employee when I join as a coach?

No. All of the coaches who work with Wellbeing Coaches are independent contractors. You choose your own hours and how to run your coaching practice. Wellbeing Coaches gives you the tools and support you need to grow your practice efficiently and affordably.

Q: Do I have to work specific hours?

No, as an independent coach, you choose your own hours.

Q: What does it cost to join Wellbeing Coaches as a coach?

All coaches except financial coaches pay a one-time, non-refundable onboarding fee of $149 which covers your background check and getting you set up in the Wellbeing Coaches systems. After that, you pay $99 per month to access all of your Wellbeing Coaches tools and benefits.

Financial coaches work with Rooted Planning Group and offer coaching services to Wellbeing Coaches’ clients through our partnership with Rooted Planning Group. You can contact Rooted Planning Group to learn more about coaching opportunities here.

Q: Why does Wellbeing Coaches mark up my hourly fee to clients?

The $30 hourly markup fee covers two things. First, half goes directly to the salesperson from HMC HealthWorks who brought the lead to you. This is the salesperson’s commission. Second, half goes to Wellbeing Coaches. We use this money to pay for all of the technology, administration, software, marketing, and support necessary to keep everything running for you and your clients.

Financial coaches’ fees are handled by Rooted Planning Group. Learn more here.

Q: Can I leave Wellbeing Coaches if it isn’t right for me?

Yes. There are no contracts, so you can leave at any time by sending an email to us with the date of separation. You’ll lose access to your online coaching office, personal web page, payment processing, leads, online scheduling tools, and marketing resources at that time. Your only commitment is to finish working with any coaching clients you acquired through Wellbeing Coaches.

Q: What does Wellbeing Coaches offer to my clients?

As a Wellbeing Coach, you’ll get a virtual coaching office that is secure and HIPAA-compliant. From here, your clients can schedule appointments with you and make payments. They’ll also be able to communicate directly with you through messaging, and you can share files with each other. Your virtual office also provides a client journaling tool. In fact, you can track all of your client activity in your virtual office! In addition, you’ll have access to more than 1,000 URAC accredited health and life educational articles and videos that you can share with your Wellbeing Coaches clients.

Financial coaches work through Rooted Planning Group. For information about what you get as a Rooted Planning Group financial coach, click here.

Q: How do you find clients for your coaches?

Wellbeing Coaches uses a variety of marketing tactics to generate new client leads, including online and offline advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. In addition, through our partnership with HMC HealthWorks, new leads are generated by the HMC HealthWorks sales team who are actively looking for ways to drive prospective clients to Wellbeing Coaches every day. All leads visit the Wellbeing Coaches website where they can choose the coach of their choice. Furthermore, our relationship with The Florida Bar brings the 106,000+ members of the Bar to the Wellbeing Coaches website where they can find your coaching profile.

Q: Am I guaranteed to get new clients when I join Wellbeing Coaches?

No. Since all client leads visit the Wellbeing Coaches website where they can choose the coach of their choice, there is no guarantee that they’ll pick you. Therefore, it’s essential that you create the best coaching profile you can, so more prospective clients choose you as their coach. Of course, we’ll work with you to create the best possible profile.

Q: What is Wellbeing Coaches’ relationship with The Florida Bar?

Wellbeing Coaches actively promotes its coaches’ services as a member/employee/student benefit to a variety of businesses, associations, universities, non-profits, and more. In March 2018, The Florida Bar became a Wellbeing Coaches participant naming Wellbeing Coaches an approved member benefit of The Florida Bar. As a Wellbeing Coaches participant, our coaches’ services are promoted directly to the more than 106,000 members of The Florida Bar, and members benefit from a 10% discount on Wellbeing Coaches’ services. Members of The Florida Bar can access their benefits on the special Wellbeing Coaches and The Florida Bar web page: WellbeingCoaches.com/Florida-Bar.

Q: What kind of marketing support do you offer?

Wellbeing Coaches launches email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, advertising, public relations, and other marketing campaigns on an ongoing basis to the public and to our participants’ employees or members (e.g., The Florida Bar’s 106,000+ members) to increase awareness of the Wellbeing Coaches brand and drive traffic from prospective clients to our coaches’ profiles. We also provide our coaches with a growing catalog of resources that they can use to promote their services to their own audiences such as brochures, ebooks, checklists, and more. In addition, you’ll have access to over 1,000 URAC accredited health and life educational articles that you can give to clients to strengthen your relationship with them.

Q: What kind of coaches is Wellbeing Coaches looking for?

Wellbeing Coaches is actively looking for coaches who are certified from top schools in one of six primary coaching areas: health, wellness, life, career, financial, and behavioral.

Q: How do I join Wellbeing Coaches as a coach?

To apply to become a coach with Wellbeing Coaches, visit the Be a Coach page and follow the instructions to get started.

Q: What is HMC HealthWorks?

HMC HealthWorks is a national healthcare management solutions organization that has formed a partnership with Wellbeing Coaches. The HMC HealthWorks sales team works to bring client leads to the Wellbeing Coaches website.

Q: What is Rooted Planning Group?

Rooted Planning Group uses a combination of financial planning practices and proven behavioral change principles to empower people to change their financial behaviors and gain the life-long skills needed to manage their personal finances and plan for the future.