Placebo Response

The Placebo Response is a phenomenon where people react to inactive substances while believing they are receiving a curative drug or procedure. Years of research has validated that our expectations can be a potent therapeutic instrument. Respondents health may improve when a sugar pill is received and it is believed to be the “real” thing.  Our minds, a powerful healing tool, can convince our bodies that a “fake” treatment is real. This is a great example of “As If” thinking. How powerful it is to know that we have at our immediate disposal a magnificent brain mechanism that can redirect messages to our bodies and improve our lives. The key is that we must BELIEVE that the placebo will work. BELIEVING is transformed into HOPE. Our hope guides us to search for the positive future. Surrendering negative expectations for new possibilities is healing.

Our beliefs about ourselves and how the world operates drives our thoughts. Our assumptions, interpretations, and internal stories determine what choices we make or risks we will take. We can create our own placebo response by assessing our personal theories. One way to initiate this process is reflect on our beliefs. Sit down and start writing “I believe…” and see what automatically emerges. After initial responses have surfaced, then write about the following life areas: Work, Money, Relationships, Lifestyle, Health, Self-worth, Play, and Life Purpose. Start each area with “I believe that work…”, “I believe that money…”, or “I believe my life purpose is…”. Searching deeper into our core beliefs will reveal opportunities to grow and redirect our decisions. When we change our beliefs, we empower our potentials. Begin to “think as if” you have already achieved your goals. This is not magical thinking, it is a new way of engaging our brains to manifest our aspirations—our HOPE.


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Diane Foster

Diane’s life mission is “to be of service”. For the past 20 years, she has coached executives and individuals on how to change their lives. Her coaching has encompassed guiding executives on leadership competencies as well as working with individuals to manifest their greatest potential.

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