An important part of the coaching process is active participation, which includes self-education and accountability. To that end, Wellbeing Coaches creates and collects a growing list of educational resources that help our clients on their journeys to improved health and happiness.

Free Resources

Visit the Free Resources page on our site to access the growing catalog of ebooks, checklists, worksheets, visualizations, and more that you can use for deeper learning, to aid sustainable change, and so on.

Helpful Links

There are so many organizations and groups that provide information, education, and support for a variety of conditions and issues you might face throughout your life. Wellbeing Coaches has gathered a list of many of these sources along with links to visit their websites and learn more. Visit the Helpful Links page to take a look.


Visit the Videos page to view informational and educational video content that can help you along your journey to optimal wellbeing.