Wellbeing Coaches’ clients see real results when they actively participate in their journeys to happier and healthier lives alongside their personal coaches. Take a look at what our clients are saying about their experiences with Wellbeing Coaches:


No Longer Takes Diabetes Medication

“Coach Kristen suggested I set my goals incrementally. This is something I wouldn’t have done on my own. I started feeling better about myself immediately. I lost the weight that had contributed to my health decline and getting diabetes. I no longer take diabetic medication! Thank you Kristen. P.S. My family thanks you, too!”

— Richard D.

A1C Level Drops Significantly in One Month

“I’ve managed to reduce my A1C level to 5.9 from 6.6 in one month with the help of Coach Victoria! She helped me learn I was reaching for sugar – a minimal amount but still three times a day. I now have a new goal of getting my A1C level down to 5.5. With the knowledge I learned and the skills Victoria gave me, I know I can do it!”

— Teddy C.

Quality of Life Improves Due to Goal Setting

“The individual attention, customized action plans, and accountability Coach Kim provides set you up to succeed. As a working professional, it was important to me to have a coach who had the credentials to back up her methodology. As a trained pharmacist, Coach Kim delivers sound coaching principles based on science. I highly recommend her!”

— Maria R.