Fake It Until You Make It

Have you ever heard the term “fake it until you make it”? Sounds dishonest at first glance. What would be fraudulent about “faking” your inner critic?

The reality is your inner gremlin is constantly sending you false messages. Competitive sports trick opposing teams with misleading moves to win games. If our internal “opposing teams” are distracted so we can be successful, sounds like it could be a useful maneuver. The use of “faking it until you make it” is a reliable strategy that successfully propels us through our inner challenges to achieve positive outcomes.

Would it be disingenuous then? No, it would be a resource we use to overpower our moments of hesitation, doubt, or fear. Using the strategy of “thinking as if” is a creative way to change outcomes and tame inner turmoil. When we are faced with a daunting task such as giving a speech, facing a difficult conflict, or transforming our inner faultfinder, we can engage our mind to project us into a successful future.

When I first began giving speeches I was a nervous wreck. Negative anticipation, fear of forgetting my words, or unbridled panic created unnecessary internal strife. Joining Toastmasters, practicing my speeches, and visualizing a positive outcome have all been tools that I have used to overcome the stress of standing in front of an audience. I remember one time when I only slept for two hours prior to a workshop because I was tormenting over my presentation—not the wisest strategy! I finally gave into my tiredness and simply sat down and visualized myself successfully completing the program. All the way to the event I kept envisioning myself confidently sharing the information.

Amazingly, I was surprised how at ease I felt while presenting. The bonus was the positive feedback. I coached myself by “thinking as if” my presentation was already successful before I even said one word. I became a believer in visualizing future positive outcomes and frequently using “fake it until you make it”.


Coach Diane 

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Question: How could you use the “think as if” or “fake it until you make” strategies?

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Diane Foster

Diane’s life mission is “to be of service”. For the past 20 years, she has coached executives and individuals on how to change their lives. Her coaching has encompassed guiding executives on leadership competencies as well as working with individuals to manifest their greatest potential.

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