WalkWell Basics

WalkWell Basics

Within the WalkWell Basics, you’ll get answers to common questions and details to put what you learn into action immediately. You’ll learn:

  • Why should I walk?
  • How much should I walk?
  • How do I get started?
  • What should I wear?
  • Where should I walk?
  • Should I walk alone or with other people?
WalkWell Program

WalkWell Program

The WalkWell Tracker includes sample programs, success tips, and more so you can reach your goals. You’ll get:

  • Sample WalkWell Program using steps to track your success
  • Sample WalkWell Program using minutes to track your success
  • Warm up routine
  • Walking technique tips to avoid injury
  • Cool down routine
  • Motivational tips
  • Opportunities to walk for a cause
  • Tool to track your weight and other key health indicators against your goals
  • Calorie burning chart based on your speed, time, and weight
  • Step equivalents and calories burned for distances and 38 physical activities
WalkWell Record

WalkWell Record

Track your success using the Walking Tracking Charts included within your WalkWell Tracker. You’ll get:

  • A Walking Tracker to track your goals, weight, steps, distance, and minutes walked
  • Space to track other health measures such as blood pressure and blood sugar