What is Wellness Coaching?

The positive effects that coaching delivers have been documented in hundreds of scientific studies, but there is still some confusion about the different types of coaching. For example, wellness coaching covers all aspects of physical and emotional health. The goal of wellness coaching is to help you reach your optimal wellbeing, but each person’s optimal wellbeing is different. To that end, wellness coaches work with clients to identify goals so they can make behavioral changes that lead to weight loss, regular exercise, better sleep, increased energy, and more so clients can improve their health and happiness.

Wellness coaching has increased in popularity in recent years as companies like Coca-Cola and Sherwin-Williams have hired wellness coaches to encourage employees to adopt healthier habits. The benefit to companies is reduced medical costs, improved worker productivity, and increased employee morale. The benefit to employees is healthier and happier lives.

How Wellness Coaching Helps You

Wellness coaches are trained in scientifically validated behavior modification techniques. By combining these techniques with a whole-life focus, wellness coaches help you turn your abstract goals into small, achievable actions that lead to big changes. While doctors will tell you to make changes so you stay healthy and fitness and nutrition professionals help you focus on specific areas of your health, wellness coaches are trained to help you understand your whole life so you can identify the factors hindering you from thriving and change them.

During your sessions with a wellness coach, you’ll work on your brain. You’ll stretch your mind to discover blind spots that are keeping you from optimal health and happiness, and you’ll experience small shifts in your perspective that lead to a completely new mindset.

The reason wellness coaches focus on your thinking is because scientists (specifically, Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a Harvard University neurologist) have discovered that your brain can grow one millimeter of new pathways each day. It’s those new pathways that enable you to create new habits. A wellness coach works with you to develop your personal mix of habit changes, so you can successfully improve your health and wellness for life.

Wellness coaches are trained to facilitate lasting change and growth. The key is changing your mindset so you can create and maintain the lifestyle you desire. They’ll help you navigate through obstacles, push you when you’re ready to move forward, and hold you accountable. Ultimately, you’ll be more successful in meeting your goals when you work with a coach (and you’ll do it more quickly), then if you tried to do it alone.

Should You Work with a Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaching can help you improve your physical and emotional health. For example, you can improve your physical health by focusing on your diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep habits, and weight with a wellness coach, and you could improve your emotional health by working on your stress level and relationships with a wellness coach.

Here are some of the areas a wellness coach can help you with:

Fewer than 10% of people believe their lives are ideal according to wellbeing research, and only 5% of people maintain healthy behaviors that prevent health conditions like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Instead, most people are stressed, eat poorly, and feel far less than their best on a daily basis. As a result, they’re more likely to develop dangerous health conditions. Wellness coaching can help by providing the tools and support needed to make lasting change. The end result is a happier and healthier life, and who doesn’t want that?

How to Choose a Wellness Coach

Wellness coaching is growing in popularity very quickly, and new certification programs are popping up all the time. In addition, a variety of inexpensive website and mobile app tools are available and marketed as wellness coaching. The problem is that not all certification programs are equal, and few website and mobile apps are effective.

To be successful, you need to work with a wellness coach who has been trained through a highly-reputable school or program. Otherwise, you’ll pay for cursory check-in calls and quick-fix programs that won’t truly help you make the life-long changes you want or need.

All of the coaches at Wellbeing Coaches hold current certifications from the most highly-respected coaching schools and programs, so when you work with a wellness coach from Wellbeing Coaches, you can be confident that he or she is well trained and very experienced in helping people like you achieve their wellness goals.

If you’re ready to improve your wellbeing so you can live the healthy and happy life you deserve, Talk to a Coach right now and learn if coaching is right for you.

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Victoria Craze

Victoria Craze is the co-founder of Wellbeing Coaches. She holds a coaching certification from Wellcoaches School and has coached more than 500 individuals on their journeys to achieving optimal wellbeing. Victoria began her career in the business field and spent three decades working in marketing before becoming trained and certified as a health, wellness, and life coach nearly a decade ago. Prior to founding Wellbeing Coaches, she worked with HMC HealthWorks where she developed new wellness coaching procedures and policies, created new training manuals, and managed a team of coaches. Today, she leads Wellbeing Coaches and continues to coach clients from around the world.

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