Why NOT to Diet

For years I over exercised and severely restricted my food intake and I still wasn’t able to lose weight, even maintaining a high weight for a period. All the Doctors, nutritionists, therapists I was seeing at the time repeatedly explained how metabolism works, I still didn’t trust that if I ate regularly my metabolism would speed up and I could maintain a healthy weight. I was sure my body was different and if I ate on a regular basis, I would just continue to gain.

It wasn’t until I was turning 50 and wanted to run a 5K for my 50th birthday that my Drs said I HAD to have an adequate nutrition plan or there would be no way I could train and complete that goal without doing major damage to my body. I finally took that leap of faith and followed a meal plan my nutritionist and I worked out which substantially increased my caloric intake. Low and behold I had energy, better quality workouts, my binge eating decreased, and I actually lost weight.

Dieting has a similar effect on the body, most diets have restrictions in some way, because they all shift the balance, source or timing of macronutrients (the major food groups) in one way or another. Diets can cause rebound weight gain, because of the slowed metabolism. The slowed metabolism makes your body think it’s in starvation mode, which sends signals to the brain to stimulate appetite. This causes people to go off their diet, and combined with a slow metabolism, people gain back all the weight and often more. This weight gain leads to more dieting and it becomes an endless cycle, even to the point of “Diet induced obesity”.

Dieting also leads to eating disorders. Either restricting more and more, becoming anorexia nervosa. Or, using vomiting or over exercise to purge food, winding up with bulimia. Chronic dieters can label foods as good or bad and in turn the person becomes “good” or “bad”, if they eat that particular food. This can be very psychologically damaging or at the least create a not so healthy relationship with food and oneself.

Another effect of diets is they cause a disconnect from our intuitive wisdom otherwise known as our 6th sense instinct or gut wisdom. This is an inner knowing that goes beyond our logic.

If we really tune into our inner wisdom and listen to our bodies, our body knows what it needs to satisfy physical hunger, and its nutritional needs. tune into your gut, intuition, inner wisdom, and allow yourselves the foods your body is calling for, and don’t ever diet again!

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Jane Dunsky

I’ve struggled a lifetime with every eating disorder in the book, and another lifetime recovering from it. This journey has made me so passionate about helping others overcome their issues with food and weight. Nothing is more fulfilling to me, then helping others with their journey out of the torment of struggles with food, weight or body image, towards a healthier, happier life.

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