Wellbeing Coaches™ Help Clients Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

Effective strategies enable overstressed employees to release pressure

Everyone knows the importance of a balanced life, but various forces constantly exert pressure on us, tilting us in one direction. For many people, career demands crowd everything else out. Once we lose our balance, it’s terribly hard to regain. We get into the habit of acquiescing to apparently urgent matters, letting slide the truly important parts of our life: relationships, family, health, fitness, faith, and culture. Without proper balance of work and life, our range of experiences begins to shrink, we begin to feel isolated and enslaved to a routine. We can start to forget why we’re alive. But, with the help of a Wellbeing Coach, you can prioritize what’s truly important in your life, push back against those constant demands on your time and energy, and regain your work-life balance.

The toll on you when you lose work-life balance

Have you developed tunnel vision, so that everything you see is job-related? Do you carry your smartphone everywhere, taking work-related phone calls, texts and emails at all hours? Is your mind always on your job even when you’re miles from the office? If so, you’re setting yourself up for social, emotional and health issues, such as:

  • Alienation from friends and family
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive problems
  • Declining fitness
  • Loss of interest in activities you formerly enjoyed
  • Drug or alcohol problems

Before you succumb to a downward spiral that leaves you emotionally, spiritually and physically drained, you should take decisive steps to restore your work-life balance.

All work and no play makes for dull employees

Employers use various tactics from intimidation to guilt to persuade employees to make the company the single focus of their life. Yet, it’s a great irony that overly demanding jobs actually produce diminishing returns for the company, as well as for the overworked employees. Studies have shown that when the pressure on employees reaches a tipping point, companies suffer:

  • Decreased productivity
  • Employee absences to deal with family emergencies
  • Low office morale due to employee stress
  • High absenteeism due to employee illnesses
  • High rates of staff turnover

And yet, employees feel helpless to push back against the demands of the office. Fortunately, when you work with a Wellbeing Coach, you get information and strategies you can use to build a case with your employer for necessary changes in the corporate culture to address these issues.

Effective steps to restore work-life balance

Our Wellbeing Coaches™ are very experienced with matters related to life-style, careers, relationships and other elements of a balanced existence. Your coach can help you set boundaries and maintain them, so your job no longer monopolizes your life. Steps you can and should take include:

  • Give yourself permission – A coach can help you reflect on what you truly want out of life and overcome emotional issues that get in the way.
  • Get your employer to buy-in – A coach can help you prepare a cogent presentation that informs your boss of the advantages to the business when employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Create a schedule – Advanced planning is an important tool. When you establish a routine, you get into the habit of making time for yourself rather than for your job.
  • Turn off the electronics – In today’s digital age, limiting electronic communication is an important aspect of the boundaries you must set.
  • Round out your experiences – Take time for culture, travel, artistic expression, and new culinary experiences.
  • Clear your head and work your body – Stress relief through meditation, exercise, yoga, dance and other mind-body activities can do wonders to put you at peace.

When you work with a Wellbeing Coach to enhance your work-life balance, you’ll be able to take inventory of your issues and develop sound, effective strategies to set boundaries and expand your horizons. You’ll also receive the encouragement necessary to implement your plan and start living your life to the fullest.

Choose a certified Wellbeing Coach today to achieve a proper balance of work and life

If your career is monopolizing your life, it’s time to recover your balance and rediscover the joy of a well-rounded life. A Wellbeing Coach can provide the guidance and encouragement you need to set limits to your work and expand the enriching aspects of life you’ve been neglecting. Contact a coach today.